The Nojito


1 litre Suncrest Coconut Water
1 fresh lime
good handful of fresh mint
bag of ice
2 cocktail glasses of your choice
1 cocktail shaker


1. Fill a blender with a few handfuls of ice and blend into small chunks
2. Fill the cocktail shaker glass with the crushed ice and top up with the coconut water.
3. Smash a few fresh mint leaves in your hands (clap them together and twist) and throw into the cocktail shaker glass.
4. Put a few more smashed sprigs of mint in the bottom of the cocktail glasses.
5. Fill the cocktail glasses with more crushed ice and pour over the now chilled coconut water/ice mix from the shaker.
6. Load it right up with a small mountain of ice to allow for a bit of meltage.
7. Dress the glass with a sprig of mint, a slice of lime and squeeze a chunk of lime over the top of the drink.
8. Options – blend some fresh fruit (berries) into a purée and drizzle over the top for added colour and flavour, dress with a slice of whatever berry you use. Add a squeeze of honey if you have a sweet tooth when you shake the mix, or squeeze over the top.